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Union list of periodicals

Union List FAQ's

What is the Shine Union List Database?

The Union List Database is the combined journal holdings of all Shine member libraries and is used to make inter-library loan requests between members.

Who can access the Union List Database?

All institutional members of Shine can access the Union List Database

How do I access the Union List Database?

Members can access the database using login information provided by the Union List Working Group. There is also a public access version of the database available for non-members.

How do I contact the Union List Working Group?

The working group can be contacted using the online form.

Is a print version of the Union List available?

The print version of the Union List is no longer being updated. Instead, updates and changes can be made to the database in real time, which means it is much more accurate.

What libraries/institutions are eligible to join Shine?

Member libraries must currently be health-related or include collections that are health-related.

Are there different categories of Union List members?

Yes, there are currently two categories of members: Contributing member libraries and non-contributing member libraries.

Contributing members have journal holdings they wish to contribute to the list. Such libraries can choose to be either a Participant or Provider library.

Non-contributing member libraries do not contribute journal holdings to the list but are still members of the scheme/Shine.