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Union list of periodicals

Introduction to the Union List


Union List of Periodicals : Introduction

Welcome to the SHINE Union List of Periodicals.  4478 publications, current and non-current, are listed: the relevant periodical holdings of 89 libraries across Scotland concerned with the health sciences (figures taken from the Database 2.2.09).

The Union List Database was made possible by an agreement for data sharing and database hosting signed between the Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC) and SHINE in March 2004.  The development of the database was undertaken by Gordon Dunsire, Consultant. 

Since the launch of the online database in 2005, SHINE members have been able to update their own library holdings and details direct to the website, and maintain a current and accurate record of their details.  Amendments to your library's holdings and details can be made to the online Union List at any time during the year.  The database can be found via the Union List of Periodicals link on the SHINE website at


Three versions are available

     Contact the Union List Working Group for password details

  • Union List (Non-Members version)

    No password is required to access the version of the database for non-SHINE members

    Please note that Shine members should always use the Members' version, as certain details may not be made available to the public version.

A user guide to the union list database is available on the SHINE website, and help screens are available from the database. 

Passwords for the membership-only version of the site, and any further information or advice, can be obtained by using the contact form.

The Union List is now maintained solely as an electronic resource.  The money saved on production of the printed edition will go towards further developing the database to best serve the needs of SHINE members.  The Union List group will keep the membership informed of developments via lis-shine and the new SHINE blog

Remember that the online version of the Union List is the only accurate and up to date version available.  You should not be using any print version of the Union List - all print versions are now very out of date and misleading.


User Policy

A member library is defined as a library that has taken an institutional membership of SHINE. A member library must currently be a health-related library, or include collections that are health-related.  The SHINE Union List Database records contact details for each member library including address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address and URL, contact names and staffed hours.  Libraries can also add general comments if they wish, eg. a note about access.

Contributing member libraries have journal holdings that they wish to contribute to the List. Such libraries can choose whether to be a Participating Library or a Provider Library.

Non-contributing member libraries do not contribute journal holdings to the List, but wish to be part of the scheme. Such libraries must supply two official unique request numbers for each request that they submit to any Contributing member library (Participants and Providers).

Non-member libraries who wish to make use of the information contained in the Union List should negotiate with member libraries on an individual basis to ascertain their rights of access to the collections.



  • SHINE libraries are expected to comply with the terms of the 1988 Copyright Designs and Patents Act, and with any local CLA licences in the request and provision of copies to member libraries.
  • Under the terms of the 1988 Copyright Designs and Patents Act it is the responsibility of the participating library to obtain a signed copyright declaration form for each article before a request is made. These copyright declaration forms should be kept for six years plus the current year. This requirement is waived for requests made between NHS Scotland libraries because of the NHS Scotland CLA licence.
  • Requests must include an official unique request number. This requirement is waived for Participant Libraries submitting requests to other Participant Libraries.
  • Requests may be sent to either Participant or Provider Libraries, but not both on the same form or in the same email.
  • Supplies of official unique request numbers, reimbursement for articles supplied and further information can be obtained from the Union List Scheme Administrator (L/ADMIN):

SHINE Union List, c/o James Wilson, Librarian, Health Management Library, SHSC, Crewe Road South, Edinburgh EH4 2LF.
Telephone: 0131 275 7761.

Note that numbers can be exchanged for their cash equivalent.

  • Libraries wishing a request to be sent on if the first library cannot supply the copy should list more than one library in the supplying library column on the request form. If only one library is listed, it will be assumed that the requesting library does not wish the request to be passed on.
  • Each request must include the requesting library's location code and be accompanied by an address label (or a copy of the address within the body of the email) for the requesting library.
  • Telephone requests should only be made for urgent requests and must be followed up by a request form, or request, marked "as per telephone request".
  • Faxed requests cost the same as postal requests. Please note that not all SHINE libraries will provide fax requests - this will be indicated in the notes in the directory of member libraries at the front of this volume.
  •  If a request cannot be satisfied, the unique request number should be returned to the requesting library. It can be included in batches of numbers returned to the Scheme Administrator for reimbursement.
  • Batches of unique request numbers should be sent to the Scheme Administrator on a regular basis. Please do not send more than 232 numbers at any one time: this is the equivalent of 4 replacement sets of numbers.
  •  SHINE libraries are responsible for making sure the information on the database about their journal holdings, address and contact details are kept up to date. All SHINE members are entitled to access the Members' Maintenance menu at The login details can be obtained from the Union List Working Group via the contact form.



  • Please check the holdings in the Union List carefully, particularly volume numbers. Sending requests to libraries that do not hold the volumes that you require will delay the supply of the copy to your library.
  • Please vary the libraries to which you send requests. Some libraries are heavy net suppliers on the scheme.
  • Please do not send more than six requests to any one library at any one time.
  • Member libraries should respond to requests within one week (5 working days) of receipt, either by copying the article or passing it on to the next library on the list.
  • In the event of an extended delay in supply, the requesting library may send a "chaser", by post, fax or email, asking for a report on the progress of the request.
  • When returning the photocopied article, the supplying library is asked to include a "with compliments" slip or, preferably, a photocopy of the original request form or email. This is to enable the requesting library to match photocopies received to requests made.
  • When all the participating libraries need to be informed of any change (e.g. change of address, library closure, dates of annual leave) please inform the membership via the private JISCMAIL list lis-shine. To join lis-shine, please email one of the list owners at The current list owners are:

Suzanne Wilson         (
Catriona Denoon         (
Charlotte Boulnois      (


Notes on Arrangement

  • Titles are given in full except that the definite article has been omitted in almost every case. As a result, there is one alphabetic sequence under each title commencing Annals, Bulletin, Journal, Proceedings and Transactions.

e.g.  Annals of Rheumatic Diseases precedes
        Annals of Royal College of Surgeons of England, and

        Journal of American College of Cardiology precedes
        Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

  •  Title changes are indicated by (formerly...), and (continued 
     as ...)

e.g.  Addiction (formerly British Journal of Addiction)

       British Journal of Addiction (continued as Addiction)   

  • Library codes are listed under each journal title in order of the years held, ie. the library with the earliest year is listed first, and so on. This does not imply an order of precedence, and requesting libraries can continue to choose which libraries to use to satisfy their requests.
  • The years held and volume numbers are indicated next to each journal title.
  • The symbols used in the list include: (£) Provider Library, * = incomplete holdings, # = difficult-to-access holdings, and ^ = holdings which have not been updated recently. Inclusion of # means that requests may take some time to be processed. If other locations are available please use these in preference to locations indicating # or *.


Thanks are due to Gordon Dunsire, Consultant for all the time and expertise which he had given to SHINE to develop the online Union List.  The project would not have been possible without his work.

Thanks are also due to the other members of the SHINE Union List working group - Catriona Denoon, Liz Garrity, Claire Leach and Denise Melville - for their enthusiasm and hard work.

James Wilson continues his invaluable and much appreciated work as Union List Scheme Administrator.

The support and encouragement of the SHINE Committee continues to be much appreciated.

And above all thanks are due to you, the members of the scheme, for being willing to make your journal collections available to the wider health information community in Scotland, and for copying the thousands of articles requested by member libraries.  Without your active support and co-operation the scheme will not continue to be the success that it is.

The Editors

The Union List is edited by the Union List Working Group.  Members of the group are:

  • Gordon Dunsire, Consultant
  • Catriona Denoon, Maria Henderson Library, Gartnavel Royal Hospital (GC/PC)
  • Liz Garrity, Library and e-Learning Centre, Glasgow Royal Infirmary (GC/RI)
  • Claire Leach, Library, University of Edinburgh (L/WGH)
  • Denise Melville, Ninewells Hospital & Medical School Library (T/NW)

Any comments, input and feedback are very welcome, as the service can only develop and thrive with the active participation of SHINE members.  The Union List Working Group can be contacted via the contact form.

Volunteers for the union list working group are welcome - any Shine member is invited to volunteer.

Please notify the Union List Working Group if any information on this page is not accurate.

Page updated Jan 2011

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