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Union list of periodicals

Procedures and templates

Commitee Procedures

Balloting Procedures download pdf

Procedures for Committee Meetings Agenda and Minutes
download pdf

Procedure for AGM Agenda and Minutes download pdf 

AGM Booking Form download word document

Nomination Form download word document

Ballot form for elections download word document

Volunteer request form download word document

Treasurer's procedures download pdf

Expenses form download word document

SHINe Committee Welcome Briefing Paper download pdf

SHINe Compliments Slip download word document

Membership Procedures

Membership Procedures download pdf

Hazel Williamson Bursary Procedures

Hazel Williamson Application Form download word document

Hazel Williamson Bursary Procedures download pdf

Conference Prize Draw procedures

Conference Prize Application Form download word document

Conference Prize Procedures download pdf

CPD Working Group Procedures

List of Guides List of Guides

Role of co-ordinator Role of Co ordinator

Role of CPD group members Role of CPD Group Members

Guide to obtaining sponsorship Sponsorship Guide1

Guide to Exhibition stands Exhibtion Stands1

Checklist for organising training sessions download pdf

Training Attendance Certificate download word document

CPD Event evaluation form download word document

Speakers Guide SHINE Guide for speakers

SHINe Union List Procedures

LIS-SHINe List ownership procedures download pdf

SHINe database maintenance short user guide download pdf

Procedure for adding a new journal title to the Union List Database

A copy of this procedure is held by the SHINe secterary

Procedure for maintaining records on the Union List database - use of the admin site.

A copy of this procedure is held by the SHINe secretary

Shine Communications Group Procedures

Download the Communications Group Remit  

Download the  Role of Convenor  

Download the Role of Communications Group Member