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SHINE's Constitution

1. Title

The Association shall be known as the Scottish Health Information Network.

2.  Aims and Objectives of the Association  (Network)


To ensure the best possible access to the knowledge base of health care through supporting activities and developments in library and information services in Scotland.


To seek opportunities to inform and influence relevant policy-making and funding bodies on issues relating to health care library and information services.

To act as a forum for exchange of views and information.

To promote collaborative effort and partnership between health care library and information services in all sectors. This will include sharing of resources and expertise; shared problem-solving; and networking by both electronic and other means.

To facilitate quality improvement in health care library and information services through promotion of recognised/approved guidelines and standards.

3.  Membership

There will be four categories of membership of the Association (Network): Personal, Institutional, Associate and Life.

i) Personal Membership is open to library and information staff providing health care information in Scotland. Personal members are eligible to be officers or members of the Committee, to vote, to attend meetings at reduced rates (where applicable), and to receive a copy of the Association (Network’s) newsletter and any other mailings.

ii) Institutional Membership is open to health care and associated libraries and information services in Scotland. Up to six named library and information services staff will be covered by Institutional Membership and will have the same rights as personal members. Each Institution will therefore be eligible to have up to six votes, in accordance with the number of named staff members. Institutional members will be sent a single  copy of Network’s mailing (including newsletter) unless otherwise requested. Where an institution covers more than one site, each individual site will require an Institutional Membership. Only Institutional Members may participate in the Union List.

iii)  Associate Membership is open to those who have retired after holding personal membership of the Association (Network) and those working in health care or related libraries and information services outwith Scotland. Associate Members are not eligible to be officers or members of the Committee, to vote or to participate in the Union List. They are eligible to attend meetings at reduced rates (where applicable) and to receive one copy of all Association (Network) mailings. Interested parties not working in health sciences or related libraries may become Associate Members at the discretion of the Committee.

iv) In exceptional circumstances the Committee may nominate individuals who have given the Association (Network) long and outstanding service as honorary Life Members. Where a Life Member has previously been a Personal Member of the Association he/she would retain his/her voting rights within the Association (Network) and would remain eligible to serve the Association (Network).

4.   Subscriptions

The subscription shall be such a sum as may be determined by the Network at the Annual General Meeting. There will be three rates, one for Personal Members, one for Associate Members and one for Institutional Members. Membership will be based on a financial year of April to March. If a subscription renewal is not received by the end of July of a particular year, the members shall be deemed to have resigned and no further mailing shall be issued. If an Institutional Member fails to renew its subscription or confirm, by the end of July, that payment is being forwarded by its subscription agent, the Union List entry for this member will be removed from the List and the Institutional Member will be unable to participate in the SHINE inter-library lending scheme. Any former member wishing to resume membership after that date will be required to pay that year’s full subscription.

5.   Administrative and Financial Year

The administrative and financial year shall be from first April to thirty-first March.

6.    Election of Chair

The Chair shall be elected by postal ballot prior to the Annual General Meeting of the Association (Network). He/She shall continue in office for a term of two (2) years.

7.    Election of Committee

i)    Prior to the appropriate Annual General Meeting, the Association (Network) shall elect a Committee of six members by postal ballot to carry out the various functions outlined in Section 9 below. 

ii)   Members shall be elected to serve on the Committee for two (2) years. Any Committee member shall, on expiration of his/her term of office, be eligible for re-election, up to a maximum of six years’ continuous service.

iii)  A member becoming employed outwith the sphere of health care information provision shall immediately cease to be a member of the Committee.

iv)  The Committee shall have powers of co-option as necessary to fill vacancies on the Committee and/or to support its activities.

8.   Ballots

Ballots may be held between Annual General Meetings to determine the wishes/views of the membership, including all named members covered by Institutional Membership, upon specific matters. Ballots should be held by post. For the result of the ballot to be accepted there must be a response rate of over 50% of all SHINE Members. Of the members who responded to the ballot 51% is deemed to be a majority.

9.   Functions of the Committee

The Chair of the Association (Network) shall be the Chair of the Committee

The responsibilities of the remaining members of the Committee shall be agreed at the first Committee following their election, but will cover the following functions:

Membership Co-ordination
Website Co-ordination
Newsletter production
Union List Co-ordination
Meetings/Study Days Co-ordination
Networking/Fundraising/Publicity Co-ordination
Regional Representation (East, West and North)
Representation on other groups – HLG, RLG, SLIC, etc
Representation on SHINE Special Interest Groups (eg SPHEN)

All co-ordination roles and the role of Newsletter Editor may be undertaken by a SHINE Member who has been co-opted to the Committee in order to provide continuity of the work involved, over a period of more than two years.

Representatives from other groups/affiliated organisations shall not have voting rights at Committee meetings unless they have also been elected onto the Committee in another role.

A special interest group of SHINE may exist where members all have an interest in a particular issue relating to health information in Scotland and the group is agreed by the SHINE committee as a special interest group.

10.    Meetings of the Association (Network)

i) The Annual General Meeting, at which the previous financial year’s accounts will be presented, shall be held in the Spring of each year; at least 21 days’ notice shall be given.

ii) In addition to the Annual General Meeting, the Association (Network) shall meet at such times as the Association (Network) may decide; not less than 7 days’ notice shall be given of such meetings.

iii) At all meetings of the Association (Network) 25% of the membership shall constitute a quorum. At all Committee meetings 4 members shall constitute a quorum.

iv) The Chair shall preside at all meetings. In his/her absence the meetings shall elect a Chair from their number.

v) Standing Committees and Ad Hoc Working Parties may be formed as necessary.

vi) Members may elect to vote on motions to the Annual General Meeting by postal ballot where they are not able to attend the meeting for any reason. Both the votes received by postal ballot and from members in attendance at the Annual General Meeting must be included to pass or reject a motion to the meeting.

vii) A quorum may be considered to include those members voting by postal ballot.

viii) The Chair shall have a casting vote at any meeting.

11.    Special Meetings

The Chair or any five members of the Association (Network) may require the Secretary to convene a Special Meeting of the Association (Network) upon serving a written notice stating the purpose of the meeting.

Such a meeting shall be held within 28 days of the notice being served upon the Secretary. Not less than 21 days’ notice of such a meeting shall be given to members, the notice to state the purpose of the meeting.

12.  Alterations to the Constitution

Provided that notice is given not less than 14 days before the meeting these rules may be amended by an Annual or a Special General Meeting of the Association (Network). An Amendment shall be deemed carried by a two-thirds majority of eligible Members present and voting.

The constitution was adopted by the Association on 9 January 1975; amendments adopted on 17 November 1975; amendments adpoted on 16 November 1977; amendments adopted on 6 November 1979; amendments adopted on 25 November 1983; amendments adopted on 4 November 1988; amendments adopted on 20 November 1992; amendments adopted on 11 December 1997; amendments adopted on 31 March 1998; amendments adopted on 25 April 2002; amendments adopted on 29 April 2005; Constitution amended October 2006